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Garage 51@ Bandar Sunway

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How's it going? I'm currently busy with the preparation of finals and assignments.. Oh well that student life isn't it, but fear not, the daily routine had never ruin my appetite to go for foodie adventure no matter what because to me there is always time to spend for eating as it is the most crucial and relaxing time..

Congrats to Coffee Societe! 

My interest in coffee first started after my vacation in both Melbourne which is the coffee capital of the world and also Perth the laid back city after tasted their wonderful lattes and coffees with different coffee beans which I had never heard before.. After the enjoyment from the coffee city, I am always on the look for great coffee cafes or places to enjoy a well made cuppa like the ones or similar to those in Melbourne..Then I found out about the latest addition that joins the coffee scene in malaysia and I was intrigued about the now not exactly new coffee place which is located at the Bandar Sunway PJS11 called the Garage 51 that is owned by the 2013 TimeOutKL Award winning coffee place& owner of Coffee Societe.. So since my days were pretty much cleared up, I thought why not go for a relaxing place that offers excellent cuppa coffee which came to mind the Garage 51!
So Nic and I went there and after searching it for awhile, we managed to found it.. This place is so well hidden and you have to be on the lookout for the shop as it is located after the Sunway University and also in between the rows of shops.. The cafe is just facing a construction site and it is after the Sunway International School..
The exterior of the shop is very noticeable which is filled with graffiti on their walls but it isn't the typical negative type which you could see it almost everywhere but here the graffiti art is well received and it goes well with the concept of the Garage 51 and became their icon when their diners want to pay a visit to them.. Their graffiti art reminds me alot about a street in Melbourne which is also filled with beautifully drawn graffiti..

The interior of the Garage 51 is pretty much open and very simple which is nice and also it was more leaning towards the garage outlook of it.. In it, there are like seating for 2 and long table and also there is a private area which is just right above the kitchen which made it popular hang out place for the university students nearby and also gatherings.. Their menu is rather simple which is great as their main focus is all about the Coffee and different types of its rendition of white and black coffee to choose from and also they also state what kind of beans they are using which gives it the uniqueness and also the wonderful cuppa and aroma of its coffee..

Caramel Latte

Other than their coffee, they do offer desserts and also mains which looks quite tempting to try.. So for this visit, we tried their dessert which was the creme brulee and their drinks we tried their Caramel Latte and their new creation which is only available in Garage 51 is the Mochatella.. 
Caramel Latte has a beautiful coffee art and it has a pleasant taste and the caramel is such a great drink with the foam which is a nice compliment and the best part it doesn't need any sugar to be added which makes it a suitable drink for the beginners or the latte lover.. It wasn't overly sweet just a nice balance.. It was such a super smooth coffee..

Mochatella is a unique drink which is made from the combination of milk and the nutella.. But the presentation of this drink is served on a platter with a glass with ice cubes filled with nutella with a small jug of milk.. The moment it arrives, it looks cute, unique and pretty.. The method of drinking it is by pouring the milk and the amazing part is that you can slowly enjoy the drink with the freedom of amount of milk in the drink.. So the formula is Nutella + Milk = Mochatella.. The taste of this unique, delicious, not overly sweet and a cute concoction is that  has several flavour profiles which gives you different taste  when it progresses from time to time which is what I had experienced were in the beginning is the taste of coffee then the nutella slowly comes in and the taste of the mochatella which is amazing and both isn't too overpowering one another.. Which is Great!! It is a most exciting and also pleasurable drink to have and for the nutella lover you will just love it

Creme Brulee 
Dessert here is quite limited and they do offer a dessert which isn't offered in other places i believe which was the Affogato.. Will surely try that on my next visit.. For this visit, I ordered the creme brulee.. It was decent and the custard texture is smooth but it wasn't that wobbly and the caramelized sugar was just nice but to me its alittle thick.. Overall it was nice and smooth.. Its better than the others that I tasted before..

Verdict: The latte is good.. Mochatella is a must try drink!
Love the service
Ambience: 4/5

Garage 51 
51, Jalan PJS 11/9, 
Bandar Sunway, 46150
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
Opens Tuesday - Sunday 
Closed on Monday 


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