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Nichinan Jidoriya @ Midvalley Megamall

Its been awhile since I enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing meal.. Finally, the exams are over and its time to relax!
From the absence, I have a lot of catching up to do from movies, latest store or fashion and also restaurants..
Well to celebrate the freedom from all the stress, we celebrated with The Hobbit for movie and japanese meal at midvalley called the Nichinan Jidoriya!
It was just located at the same row as the Starbucks Cafe and you can find them which is just next to the Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe..
After some time spent browsing their menu which was filled with plentiful options to choose from because each of their dishes in the menu is accompanied by food pictures which looks incredible and delicious! but the only setback from its menu is that it is all written in japanese but the dishes is written in english but it doesn't provide any description of the dishes on how its made or what the ingredients are..
Then after much deliberation and consulting from the waiter, I have ordered the Saba Miso Teppan set and for Nic he ordered the Spicy Hanchan Set..

Spicy Hanchan (RM22)
Firstly, came Nic's  Spicy Hanchan set which looks rather wholesome as the portion was adequate for a 1 person and also for lunch.. In that lunch, it consist of a salad, a plate of gyoza with its dipping sauce, a bowl of fried rice, a large bowl of spicy ramen soup with some accompaniments and also a bowl of watermelon..  According to Nic, the bowl of fried rice which looks rather wonderful to the eye but in terms of flavour it was lacking and rather bland despite it has some garlic in the fried rice.. Then, the bowl of spicy ramen was delicious as the ramen noodles was soft and it has absorbed the flavours from its spicy broth which is a great compliment..From all the dishes presented there on that tray, the one I really liked is the gyoza.. It wasn't too oily but when it arrived it was rather cold than warm..

Saba Miso Teppan (RM20)

A few moments after Nic's dish, mine which was the Saba Miso Teppan came  immediately.. It was very lively with the splattering of the teriyaki sauce from the saba fish which was cooked continuously in the hot plate with more teriyaki sauce and garlic sliced..  Besides that, in the tray there is also a chawamushi, a bowl of vegetable, some preserves, a salad, a miso soup, rice and also the watermelon sliced for dessert.. From all the main and side dishes that is offered, the fish was nice and it was nicely cooked but getting to the end of the fish it gets very salty which is advisable when you are eating this meal is to have it with that bowl of rice.. The chawamushi was smooth and silky which is supposed to be and you know that the chef was experienced in making it.. There was also the pickled vegetables which has a distinctive taste and I could say it wasn't too everyone's liking..

Outdoor seating 

Verdict: The food is nice but the setback is the menu with lack of description.. The service is great and the price is affordable 
Food: 3.5/5
Nichinan-shi Jidoriya

Unit G(E) 010, (TLE)0902, 
Ground Floor, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur, 59200 
+60 3-2284 1311

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Have a great holiday and Merry Christmas!!


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