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Closed- La Creperie de Caroline @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar

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I have been wondering where to get the authentic crepe cafe or even any cafes that sells crepes.. And after awhile and also did some research on crepe places, I have found one that was previously been reviewed early on and so I thought why not visit to La Creperie de Caroline for a taste of some authentic French made crepes again to see any latest addition to their menu.. 
La Creperie de Caroline which is located at the same row of shops which has the Alexis, Nosh and Dip n Dip.. It was rather difficult to spot when you are walking down as you have to look for the sign but You must be on the look out for it whereas if you are coming from the Bangsar Village 2 side it would be easier to spot which you have to do is to just cross the busy road and walk abit and you've reach the La Creperie de Caroline..
So the moment we went in it was quiet as it wasn't a friday yet and it was still early from dinner time.. The restaurant  has a rather open concept with its bar situated at the back of the restaurant rather than the side of the restaurant which is the norm for restaurant design and its kitchen is hidden in the back.. The whole restaurant was very modern and also quite warm and homey with its wooden furniture and the most interesting thing its wall is covered in glass and their doors is all glass which I have never seen them able to be fold like that..

Now, when we checked the menu, I saw that there were plenty of options made available for you to choose from like waffles, crepes, pancakes, burger ,  ice cream, salad, sandwhiches and other savoury mains whereas for the crepe there were even more options like savoury, sweet, classic,speciality and flambe.. They also do offer alcoholic beverages from the cocktail to champagne and beer and also non-alcoholic beverages like coffee which they took was the illy coffee and mocktail..

For  our visit, we both ordered crepes.. For Nic, he ordered  under the sweet crepes with ice cream which was the La Lemon and for myself I had was the Chocolat Maison et Bananes Grillees.. We were curious about its quality of drinks besides its crepes, so we ordered the Apple mojito.. 

Chocolat Maison et Bananes Grilless (RM24)
The moment this beautiful crepe arrived to our table it was warm and you know that it was made by order.. Love it that it was still warm.. The Chocolat Maison et Bananes Grilles looking beautiful and it is actually made of homemade chocolate and toasted bananas.. 
Their crepe is so thin, light and beautiful with its charred lines which is made from the caramelization of sugar (I think) and it wasn't overly sweet just right for me.. The chocolate was a great compliment with the toasted bananas as the bananas was sweet and the chocolate was slightly bitter but it was well paired combination in a crepe which to me acts as a canvas for the master to create each of its masterpiece.. It is an excellent dessert for chocolate lover or fanatic like myself I really enjoyed it in a crepe and could say I lick the chocolate  clean from the plate.. Hehe Good job to the chef! (thumbs up!) 

La Lemon (RM27)
Lets move on to the La Lemon, It arrived looking majestic with its frosty lemon flavoured sorbet which is a great compliment for this lemony dessert.. The La Lemon is consist of the crepe with lemon curd and also the lemon flavoured sorbet.. Nic liked the crepe a lot because it was light, airy and have some caramelization marks which gives it textures and some crisp and also the curd was a great match with the crepe and its sorbet which gives the whole dessert a lemony taste and it was such a dominant flavour in the end which made it an enjoyable dessert to enjoy .. Love the sorbet as it really is like a palate cleanser..
The Apple mojito which is a non-alcoholic drink made with soda water and apple flavoured monin syrup was a lovely compliment to both of our crepes 

Apple Mojito 

Verdict: Love the crepes and also its drinks but the price is rather steep.. Would love to comeback for another visit and try their other foods 
Ambience: 4/5

La Creperie de Caroline 
33, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar 
59100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: 03-2202 0238


  1. yay, the christmas tree is out here! :D like your photos of the la lemon crepe :D

  2. Hi Kate

    I am trying to contact you but cant seem to find your phone number or personal email address
    Could u please give me a call at 0172130238?


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