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Aussie experience@ Melbourne, Australia

Good Day Mate! 
Thats how they say hello from Down Under!
Just want to share with you my travel experiences to & in Melbourne which is the city for the state of Victoria. 

The travelator at the airport 
I went there around spring time and it was super cold and windy but loving the weather to what we mostly experienced with the malaysian weather of high humidity. In Melbourne, the weather there sometimes is truly unpredictable as it can in one day rains awhile and stops and the sunshines again.. Enough about the weather.. For the trip I took Malaysia Airlines night flight to Melbourne.. Well I could just say that it was an exciting journey and experience for myself because it was my first time flying at night..The plane is the latest model A340 and it look magnificient! 
Map of Victoria
After boarding the plane, as usual we were being briefed and helped by the friendly air stewards and stewardess.. It was also a dream of mine to be an air stewardess to travel around^^
So, once we took off, the land below me was dark and the only thing I could see is the winding roads with streets lights in it and I bid farewell to Malaysia for 1 week.. For the night flight we were given some bag of peanuts to munch on as we were then ushered to sleep with the air stewards and stewardess dim out the lights and gave us comfy blankets.. It was rather hard to get some sleep as you're so overly excited for the journey ahead which makes it rather difficult for me to even relax with my eyes close..

Morning View with the clouds
 After the long flight of 8 hours on board, we have finally arrived to the Melbourne airport at Tullamarine.. I took their airport taxi and they really follow the rules and also the number of passengers for each different taxi.. Enough about taxi, on the way to the Melbourne CBD, I had a wonderful time soaking up the surroundings of melbourne through its long highway that is so colourful and filled up with greenery and also the weather there was absolutely stunning..
Through out my entire trip, I visited a few places and also joined a tour. I went to Federation Square which was just situated right opposite of the Flinder's street station which looks superb. The Feds which the locals called it was a huge complex with a long garden behind it and also the Yarra river and also there were information centres for the tourist to look at and get some information on the sites that are listed a must visit while you are there. 
Horse carriages 
Federation Square 

Then after much observation on the sites to see and do in Melbourne, I checked in the hotel and immediately go down to the Queen Victoria Market which is the famous market in Melbourne.. The market is unbelievably huge!! There is so many sections to the whole market ranging from the fresh produce of vegetables,eggs to the clothing department and also the restaurants and cafes available in there.. When I was in that market walking, my eyes is so busy paying attention to all the beautiful things that is happening in that market.. The deli, bakery and gourmet cheese available there is so fresh and delicious! Actually, I came across to one of the deli which also sells some olives which was brine, and something caught my eye which was smoked salmon roll filled with cream cheese! The cream cheese was unbelievably delicious and creamy yet not too overpowering.. It was a lovely combo of salmon and the cream cheese which made me bought like 2-3 container(3 rolls in 1 container) hehehe... 
Delicious Selection, Gotta try!!
The pastry in that market is also delicious and its made and baked fresh daily... Its truly a foodie's heaven!! Outside of the market there is a coffee place which serves up wonderfully made coffee.. The coffee beans are up on the boards to choose from and you can ask the barista on what is good as.. I had was mochachinno bean and it was made into latte which was the best that I had tasted ever!! I'm so in love with their coffee ever since.. Make sure to visit here when you're in Melbourne

Queen Victoria Deli
Lovely salami 

Rows of stores in the Queen Victoria market 
Flinder's Street Station

Then, I went for a tour to the Philip Island to search for the Penguins! So my journey started early and the tour operator was the Go West!  It is the best and most interactive tour that I had as the tour guide we had was so knowledgeable, friendly and meticulous in their planning of the tour and also caring as he treats us all like his friends.. He brought us to the koala sanctuary which we see the cute and furry koala's with their other friends and then we left for the Panny's chocolate factory which actually was owned and operated by a Malaysian that migrated to australia to discover and master the art of making delicious and creamy chocolate! In the factory, you can see the process of chocolate making, chocolate art and also chocolate shop.. After the chocolicious fun, we were then head to a winery called the Philip Island vineyard & winery which is just quite nearby actually.. Get ready for some alcoholic education and fun which was provided by the winery with different wines that compliments the cheese available.. I really love their Riesling! It was sweet yet fruity..

After the alcoholic fiesta, we went to a nearby town for an early dinner of fish and chips and also mussels and it was delicious and the price was so affordable with its huge portion (sorry was busy eating until forgotten about pictures).. Beware of the seagulls there as they are super aggressive when it comes to food.. From the amazing dinner we had, it was time to go for the main event and venue, PHILIP ISLAND PENGUIN SANCTUARY!! 
They are just super cute the penguins and we as the spectators have to be patient as the penguins only return from the sea at around 7-8pm onwards.. Sadly, we aren't allowed to take any pictures of them as the flashes in the camera will harm their eyesight and I really don't want to ruin their life.. But they are just so cute from the way they walk and they will go anywhere together and wait for their friends and family which is so cute!

the tour guide!

Symphony of chocolate 

memorial museum

Thanks for reading! Have a great christmas and remember to visit Melbourne and enjoy eating and drinking in the capital of food!

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