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Boat Noodle, Empire Damansara

Empire Damansara

We went to a restaurant which every table were spotted with stacking of the mini bowls, challenge among friends or family and  the small chart which tells you the amount of bowls represents your appetite level..

That's right we were in Boat Noodle Empire Damansara! 


This place and the pictures or video of bowls being stacked are trending non-stop on Instagram.. So we decided to see the real craziness of this bowl stacking challenge is.. I can tell you that this place is quite hidden for those who aren't familiar with the Damansara area as it took us like almost an hour to find it..

 Bare in mind that this place does take some waiting time which depends on the day and time but it is quite packed on most days especially weekdays.. Luckily they have develop the numbering system so that you can leave your name with them and you get a number..

The interior of the restaurant is rather simple and the furniture of this whole restaurant is very minimal and also simple which resemble how a market eatery looks like for asian at least.. 

Then we proceed to the menu.. Their menu is straightforward and simple with the several options of their noodles in either dry or soup and also they have only chicken or beef option only all at one fixed price of RM 1.90 per bowl

Flip it over and you will see the famous Boat Noodle stacking standards and the status according to the number of bowls you can finish! 

Ordering here is quite hassle free as it is all done with the filling up on their order form, the only thing is that they are super busy and also the waiting time for those bowl of noodles is long.. Please be patient with them as it is a popular place for everyone to visit and eat considering the number of bowls each table may order..

Deciding which to order

After a long time waiting, 
Finally the first batch of noodles arrives, My friend and I ordered the Beef dry noodles.. See how cute and small the portion and bowl is.. It does resembles the thai boat seller on TLC..  

Batch 1: Beef 
                                      The dry beef noodles are actually quite alright.. Nothing much in terms of flavour.. But luckily on the table, there were condiments like chili and fish sauce for extra flavouring if you want to.. But for the both of us we just had it original.. In those small cute bowls, there are some noodles which are flat small thin vermicelli with some chopped peanuts, leafy greens or  mint, small slice of beef and their meat ball.. Actually you should eat it with the peanuts as it gives it more crunch and texture rather than eating without it or eat it last.. I was quite unhappy cause their slice of meat was so small as I was hoping for a bigger slice

Chicken Dry Noodles 
Then came the Chicken version of the dry noodles which was ordered by Nic and my other lovely friends.. In it, they have the noodles, meatball, leafy greens and blanched chicken meat..
I had the luxury to try a bowl of it and it was just ordinary in comparison to beef..
Picture time! 1st stack of achievements

Forget to mention that Nic also ordered some of the chicken soup noodle.. According to them, the soup was nice and flavourful.. Too bad I missed out on the picture to show you guys as we were pretty famished at that moment and just focus on eating! Hahaha ya that was how we were feeling at that moment..

Current standings! 

After completing around 30 of dry and some soup ones.. We decided to order some more considering how cute the portion is and also I want to have a go on the soup ones for beef.. 

This how Soup beef noodle version looks like.. The soup for this version is sour and spicy! If you love sour and spicy, this is your bowl of happiness.. For me it wasn't my cup of tea.. The noodles for this soup version was alright and pack with flavour in its broth but can't find that piece of meat.. 

Final count!

In the end we were pretty much full from this bowl of noodles.. Overall count was 55 bowls which were eaten by 5 person! Congrats to my fellow friends for being able to bulldoze the majority of the bowls! 

This place is great for fun eating competition amongst friends or even gathering but if you are absolutely hungry or impatient or in a rush then it wouldn't be ideal choice for you to visit.. If you want to have a go, then its wise to allocate a free day to come here.. 

Verdict: The noodles are alright.. Go for the soup if you want flavoursome meal

Ambience: 3.5/5

Boat Noodle 
G3A, Heritage Lane,
Empire Damansara 
Damansara Perdana 47820

Opening Hours:11am-9pm 


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