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Le Florida, Place de Capitole, Toulouse

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I have to admit that throughout my french holiday in France.. I have been eating non-stop of their local, fresh and awesomely good food which is quite reasonable!


During the french holiday, numerous friends of mine had visited a restaurant in the Capitole named Le Florida and it was a popular thing on instagram.. So I was tempted to try it to see what's delicious in that restaurant..
Managed to convinced some of my friends about this place and we spent in on the last night of our trip..

The restaurant is located quite conveniently inside and the centre of rows of shops and also quite close to the metro station.. This restaurant is located nearby the famous flower ice cream in Toulouse, Amarino! A must try when you are there or else you will regret it just like me..

Back to the restaurant, this restaurant has both indoor and alfresco dining which is much suited for their climate and also their area considering it was a cooling weather and the traffic there is so much quieter in comparison to the KL town al fresco scene.. We chose the alfresco dining at the Le Florida and we were immediately seated and presented their menu..

There were plenty of food choices offered in the menu..

After much deliberation. we finally agreed on going for their Le Florida Menu which consist of starter, mains and dessert for 29,90 Euros.. Affordable meal and reasonable portion..

Summer salad
                            We started off with starter expect my lovely friend and roommate..
So I had was the Summer salad.. The summer salad is really simple and ordinary salad with some vegetables which usually appears in the salad with the appearance of the artichoke and avocado.. This is actually my first time tasting artichoke which is surprisingly delicious and tender.. Quite yummy and not bitter..  
South west salad 
Nic had the South West salad which looks really hearty for an entree.. It consist of all things south west france version which is duck in smoked, foie gras and also some other parts of duck which were cooked in different ways and also a piece of toast for the foie gras.. Nic was quite satisfied with this salad as it has his favourite element which is Foie gras!

Next, we waited for the mains!

So for our final night in Toulouse,

I had seared beef with fries and salad which cooked to medium..  The moment it arrives to me it looks really delicious but there weren't much to say for this dish after trying it out  despite my love for all things beef but it had  such a mediocre flavour with just some herbs sprinkled on top of it.. The piece of beef has more fat chunks rather than meat but thankfully it was cooked nice and tender.. Was a little disappointed by the overall dish..

Prefer the one I had in Le Troquet!

Seared beef with fries and salad 

Fried fish with rice
2nd main for the night is Fried fish with rice and polenta with a side of salad.. Didn't really managed to taste it but according to Nic, it is alright but the fish was cooked nicely and it is delicious with some simple herbs
Duck confit
The 3rd main was ordered by my lovely roommate, J is the Duck confit..
The moment it arrives to the table, it looks pretty and rustic..  According to J, she said that the duck confit is really good as the skin is really crispy and the meat is like really tender and falls of the bone easily! Happiness for her while she was having  the meal..

After the mains came dessert! My favourite part of the meal.. I just love pastries so much that I had such an enjoyable time enjoying their delicious macaroons, l'opera, eclairs, ice creams! The eclairs is like heaven! I'll tell more about the desserts on another post!

Let's go back to Le Florida's dessert!
Hahaha sorry so easily side tracked when the thought of the desserts I enjoyed came up..

Strawberry cake with whipped cream 
So for dessert, Nic tried the Strawberry cake with whipped cream on the side and some strawberry sauce.. It just looks super pretty to eat let alone stabbing it with a fork! It looks like a rose with strawberry sauce drizzle upon it with a slice of fresh strawberry decorating on top of it and served with a dollop of whipped cream! After taking pictures of its beauty, Nic just started going at it like crazy person..
It should be because the cake was light and airy and full of strawberry flavour with the sauce as well and the cream is just a decoration and if you love eating cream then its your favourite accompaniment with the cake..

Next is my dessert the Banoffee.. Surprisingly it was a totally opposite version of the banoffee pie or cake I had in Malaysian restaurants.. This version is like a cheesecake but mostly filled with cream and some bananas in it and dust with cocoa powder and top it off with a white chocolate ball, chocolate cigar and strawberry.. 

After conducting my usual foodie ritual, I had my first bite of it and it was delicious! The cream wasn't too overpowering for the bananas until you couldn't find them and it was really compliment with the based which seems to be cookie base or cake base but the cream is absolutely delicious! Really enjoyed it!

Chocolate cake with whipped cream
And lastly, another friend of ours ordered this chocolate cake served with drizzle of chocolate sauce, chopped nuts and whipped cream.. Overall, she really loved her dessert.. I didn't managed to get a taste of it but it sure looks really light as the way she cut it was super easy and the nuts provide a crunch texture for the cake with the cream which is a great combination!

Verdict: It is a popular and chic place to hangout and have either dinner or lunch.. Service is mediocre.. Food is nice and dessert is great to have!


Le Florida
12, Place de Capitole 
31000  Toulouse 


  1. i love france!! i miss it so much I wish I can return someday!!


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