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L'Escargot @ Carcassonne, Toulouse


Carcassonne is a beautiful little medival castle town which has everything from average gourmet grocery shops to delicious restaurants which offers reasonable price yet good quality food prepared by their great local chefs..I was here as a day trip

After strolling around the town, I got alittle hungry and was finding any restaurant and 'Escargot finally caught my eye.. Within minutes of observing their menu, we immediately walked in and have a seat on their outside of their restaurant.. We are dining al fresco style which is only possible or suitable in the european rather than our country.. 

How cute the menu is being presented to us by a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable waitress

For lunch, we have a go with their lunch set for just Euro15 which is so valuable for money considering that you are having starter, main and dessert for lunch..

Our lunch set are almost the same only by the difference of the starter which for me, I had their Escargot for their starter whereas Nic ordered their creamy and awesomely good Foie Gras! (Sorry folks that don't really fancy or eat foie gras) 

The Escargot doesn't need a long time to wait.. The moment it arrives to the table, it just looks delicious and beautiful.. I was pretty excited to dig in but luckily I managed to have a photo of it before I start to devour it all.. All of the escargot are without the shells but it was cooked with butter, herbs and garlic.. It just taste so good and surprisingly the snails are just tender and not rubbery.. The oil and garlic with the herbs really helped to further enhance the snails.. Super enjoyed it !

Next was the Foie gras! The way it was presented is really simple with just a slab of fresh foie gras, a little bowl of chutney which were cooked and reduced in a balsamic reduction and some toasted baguettes.. When Nic started to slice off some of it, it just cuts like butter which means it is so creamy, smooth and silky texure.. Luckily Nic gave me one toast with the foie gras and chutney together to try..

Foie gras
The moment I put it into my mouth, it tasted heavenly as the foie gras is really smooth and creamy not too overpowering and thick and the chutney with the balsamic vinegar reduction really helps to elevate the taste of foie gras to another dimension of taste because the chutney was sweet so it gives it more depth in the toast and foie gras.. Nic really enjoyed it so much!

Then came our main course, we both ordered the grilled squid fillet, potatoes and salad.. All the dishes here were presented in a rustic and simple manner and on the tile.. Interesting plating but the dish looks really beautiful with all the different colours and it came out warm which is nice..

Grilled squid fillet, potatoes & salad 
Then, we tried the Grilled squid fillet, potatoes & salad  which were grilled nicely and tender meat and underneath is a puree or sauce.. Can't really figure out what it was but it really goes well with the squid.. Next was the potatoes as it was roasted with some other vegetables and mushroom but it was really a nice side along with the salad which gives the squid a crunchy texture and some lightness with the dressing

One thing about the french are they really respect you by giving you the time to really enjoy your meal and not rushing you out of their restaurant as I noticed there were several appearance by our server checking whether we are alright and the food is delicious and also the progress of our eating..

Chocolate cake 
Then came the special moment, Dessert! Truly am excited for this as I would like to know how their chocolate cakes are.. Well it was really an amazing thing to look at! It was served with cream

When I cut it open in half it has a moist and guey center which really is the epitome of a great chocolate cake for the moist version! The whole cake was really light and enjoyable to eat with the chocolate in the center! 
I was so overjoyed and really concentrating while eating it cause it was super damn good!! 

I am truly blessed and fortunate to be able to eat here! 


Delicious & well made food 
Love their escargot & foie gras!
Absolutely wonderful Chocolate cake!

Great service 

7, Rue Viollet le-Duc

                                                              Opens daily 11am-2am


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