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Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid


How are you all?

Hope everyone is enjoying their day despite the craziness of the heat we are experiencing in Malaysia now! Imagine right now is around 30-34 Degrees!! So remember to stay hydrated and less sun exposure..

Enough about the sun right now,

Currently are superbly busy with tons tons of assignments which greets us back to reality from the amazing holiday trip in France.. No matter what, my friends and I including Nic managed to find some time for a gathering of food..

For today, we went for some German food! Usually when someone mentioned about Germany, you may think of its pretzel, October fest, beer and also some lovely sausages and sauerkraut.. Actually they are also famous for their Pork Knuckle and many other delicacies which I am still foreign of..

I have heard alot about this German restaurant in Malaysia for quite some time as it was well established with its first open in the year 2010 and after much success among the locals.. It then open their 2nd outlet in Sunway Pyramid mall in the year 2012..

So we came to the Brotzeit Sunway outlet which is located at the Oasis Floor and it is located near the entrance of the mall which you can see from afar the huge Lion at the front.. This outlet has 2 seating options which are the indoor and outdoor..

Seafood salad 
The moment we arrived the restaurant, the staff immediately welcomes us and we were seated quickly..
From the menu, Nic and I ordered the seafood salad as our starter and also because we were rather hungry from waiting my other friends to arrive..
The Seafood salad which looks rather impressive and beautifully presented in the bowl consist of seared tuna, grilled zucchini, orange wedges, prawns, smoked salmon, olives, semi-dried tomatoes greens and drizzled with house dressing and sour cream..
It is really delicious and the seafood is well cooked

Pork Platter 
Next, came our Pork platter for main.. The platter is fit for 5-7 person..

This great porky platter which consist of
roasted pork knuckle
smoked pork sausages
marinated pork steak
meat loaf
gypsy pork belly 
Garlic pork sausages

It is all porky craziness in this platter and also it was served with a gravy.

Once the platter arrives with its other accompaniments like the roast pork in gravy, sauerkraut and boiled  potatoes, we begun to eat and I am proud to say we as a party of 5 managed to demolish or finish this porky platter 

This porky platter is so good as we started with their pork knuckle which looks huge with the meat and skin all chopped for our eating convenience..
Pork Knuckle
Pork knuckle is presented and piled up nicely and generously with all the crispy skin and slightly fatty but who cares when you are enjoying this delicious platter.. The meat which is chopped from the pork knuckle is really delicious and surprisingly not salty.. The smoked pork sausage is really big and full of smoked flavour..

Next is the marinated pork steak and meat loaf.. Pork steak was garnished with fried onion slices/rings.. It was a nice combination with the pork steak as it gives the steak a slight hint of crunchy texture and the steak was nicely cooked and juicy as well..

Meat loaf however it has a weird resemblance to the normal canned version of luncheon meat.. But this version is better in taste and texture in comparison to the canned version.. I personally prefer this version which is fresh compared to the canned version as this version has more flavour than the can which were preserved and quite oily..

Let's move on to the Garlic pork sausages which has some filling inside if not mistaken is the diced red bell pepper and I can taste some spices in the sausages.. 

The last item on the platter is the gypsy pork belly which were presented in strips of 3 that looks like bacon slices except it is thicker and has layers of fat which makes it yummy to eat.. 

This pork belly is made beautifully as it won't make you full after a few bites it end up made you want to have more of it as the proportion between the layers of fat and meat is distributed equally which gives the bacon like pork belly a nice chew to it and texture.. 

Roast pork & boiled potato
   With this yummy pork platter, it came with 3 of their delicious German condiments which are Roast pork, Boiled potato and Sauerkraut..
This roast pork is really cooked till it so tender and easily cut which can say melts in your mouth or eat it effortlessly.. The gravy which is inside this dish is also a great accompaniment as it keeps the meat moist..

The boiled potato is alright with its softness yet it hold well and not too fall apart when you scoop it up or stab it with a fork.. Not too rich also with its creamy sauce..

Lastly is the Sauerkraut.. It is a literal translation from the german language as sour cabbage which is finely cut cabbage that has fermented by various lactic acid..
From the first glance it may look like a chopped onion.. So now you have info on the sauerkraut.. It really is delicious cabbage and it has some sourish taste to it but it goes well with the pork platter as I tried pairing it together and it taste super delicious..
On its own, it is also a great starter for the tastebuds to start getting hungry as it is sour and increase our appetite to have those porky goodness provided in the platter..Its a must try food when you are eating in Brotzeit..

Hopefully I get to try the original version of the german food and especially this sauerkraut!

So it is a must eat platter when you are going to Brotzeit and have like a party of 5-7 person 


Delicious food and quite generous portion 
Reasonable service

Ambience: 3/5

OB K4 Oasis Boulevard, 
Sunway Pyramid 
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15
Bandar Sunway
41650 Petaling Jaya 


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