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Je t'aime France!


Well you might have seen my recent post in instagram which has french backgrounds.. You are right! I was in France  for about 10 days and I had plenty of Fun there!

Really love this city of lights and love!!  Hoping to visit there again with love ones to share the experience with me

I just had a day to spend in Paris which is rather sad but I try to maximize my day in this beautiful and stylish city with a visit to:

Notre Dame
Eiffel Tower
Arc De Triomphe
The Love lock bridge
Lourve museum

Along the streets you can find a lot of parks and monuments located along the river Seine and also alot of the river cruise for those who want to have a nice view while enjoying lunch or just with great company.. For me I just walked the entire time in Paris..

Before we start our adventure, we had a very delicious and simple french breakfast which is croissant or pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant) with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, a glass of water and a cup of hot chocolate for only 5euros which is rather reasonable and delicious as well.. The cafe we had for breakfast was just located nearby their tram stop and it shown us a great deal of a view of their local people

Pain au chocolat

Hot chocolate 

All this places can be connected via Metro! Just get their local map and you are on your way to an adventure of a lifetime

First stop was the Notre Dame, the moment we reached the church, it has a super long queue which is endless.. Was rather sad and disappointed for not being able to go inside and see the beauty of it.. It still look awesome on the exterior of it! So am quite happy with that but will make it a point to have another return trip again :)
Notre Dame 

Eiffel Tower is the 2nd stop 

Night time view is beautiful! A must see thing and it starts at 10pm.. The eiffel tower sparkles for about 5-10 minutes 
Beware of the tiny man with an accordion.. 
He takes picture with you and forces you to pay him after that 

Day view

Arc De Triomphe
                                3rd stop is the Arc De Triomphe! There is a link to connect to the building and climb up their roof for a better view of the Champs Elysees!
Glass Pyramid - Musee De Lourve
Lourve is so majestic looking and a big place
Super long queue! So be sure to get there early or allocate a day just to get in there

Want to lock your love with that special someone? Come here to the Love Lock Bridge and lock it with your partner! Remember to bring your own lock cause its rather expensive to buy it here 

Sadly, didn't managed to visit other places and their malls! Hoping to return to Paris one day

This place is such a beautiful and sexy city which exudes romance! You can instantly fall in love with this place! 

                                       This is just the beginning of it! 
                          There's more to come on my holiday in France!

                                                  à bientôt


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