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Le Patio De la Table Ronde, Toulouse - Part1

Bonjour again!

This post is all dedicated to the food I had tried with my friends in Toulouse..

Toulouse is located in the southern part of france or it is known as midi-pyrenes region which is famous for their duck dishes like duck confit and cassoulet 
Had an amazing time eating their local food, beautiful scenery and also their cool weather and fresh air

So for the first night in Toulouse, Nic, my friends and I went roaming around the small part of the city which has a street of food which host different cuisines like the lebanese, turkish and local french food and not too mention a fusion food.. Not much on our local cuisine..

After much consideration and walking, we decided to try this restaurant called Le Patio De la Table Ronde which is considered to be normal french fine dining to them as they are rather homey feeling and you have the option of seating outdoor or indoor..

We came here for twice actually for their delicious food and service..
For the first visit, we had various dishes but we all had their formulae or the set dinner consist of 3 course meal which are starter, main and dessert

I can tell you that be prepared with an empty stomach when visiting france as their portion is really generous but totally worth your money

I can tell you that they really appreciate feedback from the customer and they take dining seriously as the 3 course meal we had like lasted for almost 2 hours.. They don't like rushing people which is how I am as I love to slowly enjoy my meal hehe


Mini salmon parcel 
This little salmon parcel is very delicious and was a pre-dinner snack before we start with our main and 
Foie Gras 
Foie Gras is a delicacy and also an acquired taste for everyone as in the table I had dinner with, all have various views or opinion on the foie gras as it was heavenly for Nic but it was mediocre for me and some even hate it of its texture or taste..
Beef Carppacio with pesto 
The carppacio is very delicious and light with the pesto and it is safe to eat for those who fear in consuming raw food besides salads.. 
Panna Cotta with bacon and tomato 
Panna Cotta is very creamy and nice with the bacon and tomato for the first few bites but it became rather difficult to continue as my friend, she had difficulty to even continue after a few spoonful.. 

For Escargot, it was prepared interestingly as it was cooked in a bowl of butter or oil with some herbs and cheese and was covered in a layer of pastry.. According to my friend, it was rather rubbery as it was difficult to chew and the snail has a weird metallic after taste to it..


Duck Confit 
Duck confit has a crispy skin and the meat is so tender that it falls apart.. Delicious meal, a  must try in this restaurant!
Cassoulet is a speciality of this region and it is like a lasagna or casserole which contains duck which were cooked slowly with white beans.. The duck cooked in that casserole dish tasted nice and tender..
The portion is quite generous so it is best to share it with someone..

Kangaroo & Lamb Rack 
This is an unexpected dish as Kangaroo was featured in the menu as this meat is very rare in the region of duck confit.. Surprisingly, it tasted like normal lamb or beef

The one I ordered were the Cafe Gourmand which consist of the combination of several desserts like the macaroon, the lemon meringue, some chocolate profiteroles and a sourish plate of fruits accompanied by a cup of coffee

Cafe Gourmand 
Nic ordered the Citron Meringue which is quite rich and beautiful.. Portion again is quite generous.. Luckily the lemon curd is just enough to cut through all the meringue
Citron meringue 
Ice cream or Glace.. Just choose from any 

Overall the food is lovely and delicious.. 
Portion size are really generous so its better to share if you aren't able to finish 
Love the service 

They do love to give generous portion which is value for money and their food are delicious and well made.. 

Le Patio De Table Ronde 
59 Rue Pargaminieres 


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