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Le Patio De la Table Ronde, Toulouse Part 2

This is the 2nd last meal we had in Toulouse before we depart for Paris..
We visited here again as some of my friends haven't tried this place before and also because Nic and our other friends do really love this place for its food and great service.. 

For this visit, we had our meal indoors which were much warmer and comfy.. Love the whole atmosphere of their decor which were homey and red.. 

For apperitifs, we had something like Kir Royale but its the restaurants version named as Kir Du Patio au Framboise which is champagne with raspberry essence or syrup.. It wasn't overly sweet too.. Quite enjoyable to drink..
Besides that, we had also their rum and coke.. Can only taste the rhum at the back of the throat..
Kir du Patio au Framboise 

Rhum au Coke 
Duck confit 
My pretty friend, C had the duck confit as it was their famous dish.. It is very nice with crispy skin like the previous time I had it as well..  Love their duck confit!

Poisson (Fish with polenta )
Next, my another lovely & pretty friend,J ordered the fish with polenta (Sorry! forgotten the actually name of this dish in french) The portion of it is quite generous.. It was presented in a way whereby the fish is put on a plate and with some legumes (beans) and polenta cake on the side.. The fish was cooked perfectly, simple  and it was delicious with a slice of lemon to further enhance the fish 
Gambas is a seafood dish but mainly prawns.. Was quite in awe with its large prawns which can't be found in Malaysia! The prawns were perfectly cooked as it was sweet and juicy flesh with a hint of cajun spices or sweet paprika.. Polenta with green beans were alright as an accompaniment with prawns and roasted vegetables..
Chicken skewers 
Lastly, Chicken skewers was ordered by my lovely friend, F to try out their chicken meal as throughout the stay in Toulouse we just had mostly of duck (haha ya thats why it is dubbed as the duck region)..

                                                        Overall the service was great..
                       Food was delicious just the portion which is generous for us but worth the price

Le Patio De la Table Ronde
59 Rue Pargaminieres


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