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Le Troquet, Toulouse

Toulouse is really the place to be for a foodie other than Paris! It is also the duck filled capital which are proud to serve you their local delicacies! Good news for us.. It is really a beautiful and peaceful town to be staying in..

It was a cold and breezy day in Capitole that I enjoyed and for dinner I had joined with some of my friends on their quest for some french dinner and to try out what Capitole has to offer and we stumbled upon the restaurant named Le Troquet which is just located within the shop rows..

Chandelier made from bottles 
The moment we entered their restaurant we were greeted with great warmth and hospitality and the server was quite casual and cute.. It was nice of them to really try to accommodate us in putting up a table fit for 10 person.. After we were seated and given the menu, the server was rather kind in trying his best to communicate with us in english and also to explain to us how each offerings in the menu were prepared..

After much deliberation, we then ordered a wide range of dishes from their unique tapas till their steak with bone marrow..

Magret Kebab
Nic had the tapas which were the Magret Kebab of 6 pieces bbq lamb..According to Nic, it was so good as the meat were tender and melt in your mouth.. The sauce which was in a shot glass is a great compliment with the meat as it provide the spice or heat for the dish..

The 2nd tapas he ordered was the Oeufs cocottee au foie gras (foie gras with eggs) ..

Oeufs cocotte au foie gras
I had a taste of it and it was so creamy and soft that it really takes less or no amount of effort to even bite it.. It just slides right off the spoon and into your mouth.. In other words, it really melts in your mouth! Delicious with just the right amount of richness for this tapas!

Braised frog legs 
Then the next tapas we had was a braised frogs legs with some vegetables.. It was tender and juicy considering that the frogs legs doesn't have much fat on them and it was cooked to perfection.. Some of my friends said it tasted like chicken rather frog.. 

Here comes the Main!!!

Poire de Boeuf et son os a moelle
This is the main which I had ordered for dinner.. Poire de Boeuf et son os a moelle.. Actually it is a steak with bone marrow and some roasted potatoes but the cooking technique and cut of the beef is different from the usual cuts which was recommended and explained by their server..

He even recommended that I have this cooked in medium as medium rare isn't really ideal for this dish..

The moment it arrives to our table, the  portion was generous in terms of its meat portion and also the roasted potatoes.. 
Love the bone marrow as it was very jelly like texture and still delicious.. 

Mummy Steak (280g)
Next up is Mummy Steak (280g) which were ordered by both of my friends.. When it was presented by the server to our table, the portion of the steak looks really cute as it was a smaller piece but it was quite a thick cut considering it to be slightly smaller yet it was cooked beautifully medium rare like how my friends wanted it to be done..

Daddy Steak (380g)
When there is a mummy steak on the menu, you wouldn't miss out the Daddy steak which is just right after the mummy in the menu list choices for main.. Now the daddy steak here is 380g which is like 100g more.. If you have an extremely big appetite, this one is suitable for you! 

It is larger and greater in portion size.. A man portion! 
So my friend here ordered this in a rather rare or Blue stage of steak cooking.. Didn't really know how it taste like but by the looks of it, he really enjoyed the whole dish as he was busy enjoying it

Scallops Risotto
This Scallop risotto came out looking rather yummy and generous with its big and plump scallops.. 
The portion here is really generous.. Risotto was alittle dry but its still nice.. The scallops was caramelized nicely with a charred top and it have some additional roe in it.. Yummy! 
This dish is decorated beautifully with a cheese made shard! 

Homemade Lasagna (100% beef)
Homemade lasagna is really a meat packed lasagna which promises each layer of it being well cooked and delicious! This dish is considered the smaller portion in comparison to the other dishes which my friends and I had ordered that were mostly meat and seafood..

Our complimentary shots from the server/bartender 
We were too full to have any desserts from them for the night but it is really an enjoyable meal with great service and hospitality.. We got complimentary shots from the server before we head back to our hotel..

The Service was fantastic and the food is absolutely delicious! 
Kudos to the chef that made this dish so enjoyable to have! 

Lovely place!

Check out their FB page to find out more! 

Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4.5/5

Le Troquet
11 Rue Baronie 

Opens daily 
Lunch: 12-3 pm 
Dinner: 6:30pm-11pm 


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