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Kapiti Ice cream

Hey Hey!

I have found something new and exciting for you to beat the weather that is Ice cream and its from New Zealand!! No no..
Apparently it's not a New Zealand Natural ice cream but a new ice cream also from the land of manuka honey, sauvignon blanc and great scenery called Kapiti

Actually it was first found or spotted by Nic when he entered into the Malaysian International Food & Beverage fair 2014 (MIFB).. Really had lots of fun there learning some new and exciting products, facilities and beverages that is new and upcoming!

We were spoilt for food choices as some are quite interesting and some are quite yummy!

Nic and I came like 2-3 times to this booth (haha feel abit guilty)! But this little booth here is constantly busying churning out free samples and cups after cups of ice creams for the price of RM5 which are reasonable considering the scoops they gave us was huge!

round 1
The 1st round I was here alone then Nic came and join.. I was so happy as all sound yummy! Luckily they give out testers for you to try each flavour and you can decide later on which to get.. The flavours I tried was the chocolate hazelnut, vanilla, strawberry, double cream and cookie, affogato
Yummy, mouth watering and some classic flavours!

After awhile of sampling, I decided to buy 2 scoops of it but it was a challenge for me as all are pretty yummy and creamy

Finally! I had was the Affogato ice cream and Figs & honey ice cream!

Affogato ice cream contains the espresso which really gives you a kick but it wasn't too strong as to make you refrain from having another scoop of it.. It goes really harmoniously with the creaminess of the ice cream and the coffee is just there to give it some dimension to its flavour and also the boost of enjoyment.. Great for those coffee & ice cream lovers!
Fig & honey
Next came the Fig & Honey! According to the guys that selling & promoting those ice cream, the honey that are in this ice cream is Manuka honey.. Manuka honey is like the best honey in New Zealand which is equivalent to pure gold! it is really good for health and not very sweet.. For this ice cream, the fig is not overly sweet but crunchy as it provides the bite for the ice cream and the manuka is there to provide a hint of sweetness but compliments greatly with the figs! Delicious and its my favourite flavour!

round 2
Then after walking around the entire exhibition, we found some of our friends and told them about this booth that sells great and deliciously made new zealand ice cream.. It got my friends pretty excited to visit back the booth for the 2nd time for us to sample their ice cream.. When we arrived to the booth, we saw a change of flavours that were the Black doris plum and creme fraise ice cream & lime sorbet ..
Black doris plum & creme fraise, Lime
The plum is really a strong & rich but not overly sweet whereas the lime is a little sour but refreshing..

All this ice cream are available at Village Grocer (Bangsar Village 1), Jaya Grocer, Cold Storage


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